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123ezy online services is a service provided by 123 Group Pty Ltd based in Sydney, Australia. Our goal from our beginning in 2004 is to provide a simple solution for online marketing to get organic search traffic to your website by writing top quality and target articles, blogs and landing pages.

Working with a number of strategic partners we are able to help you with a full service online marketing solution providing you with quality content that you can use strategically to build a reputation as experts in your field, demonstrate an active and engaging website presence, educate potential customers about your products and services and make a purchase.

With our focus now clearly on cloud based services we can provide small businesses with a modern Content Management System.

Quality Content Marketing:

Show’s a depth of information, and
Builds credibility, and
Keeps your website visitors engaged at your site

We’ll spend time with you to understand your sales and marketing needs then drill down into products and service landing pages and the topics that can be written to drive prospects into your sales funnel.

Once you have the basic online marketing and sales funnel you can adopt other strategies to capture and constantly promote your messages to, lowering your total marketing cost and building an online tribe of followers.

We are committed to providing a top quality service for companies that understand the value of professional content marketing.

If you want help with your Quality Content Marketing please feel free to request a quotation.

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