Online Training Courses & Tutors

Small Business courses in MYOB, Microsoft Excel and Word and WordPress Website Design

Videos, Workbooks and projects, and knowledge reviews. 

As a student you can watch the Online Training Videos as often as you want, print the training workbooks and go through the step-by-step exercises.

Exercise files and sample data are include so you can practice what you learn (and gain real experience with the software).

A resource for your working life

The training courses include tests and assignments in selected packages to test your new skills and provide you with the learning resources to review your answers and go over the learning material again if you need to.

Microsoft Excel Training Course

Learn Microsoft Excel from the basics all the way to advanced data management and macros, including:

  • Open and understand spreadsheets, 
  • Creating and editing spreadsheets, 
  • Formulas and functions
  • Formatting, viewing and printing
  • Charts & Graphs, 
  • Intermediate Functions and cell referencing, 
  • Databases, filter/sort,
  • named ranges, 
  • Pivot tables,
  • 3D formulas,
  • Advanced Formulas and protection, 
  • Goal Seek, data consolidation
  • Solver & Macros

MYOB Accounting Online Training Course

  • Create a New MYOB Company, 
  • Set Up Your New MYOB Accounting Company, 
  • Chart of Accounts and Opening Balances, 
  • Customer and Supplier Cards and Inventory, 
  • Backup and Restore MYOB Datafile, 
  • Customise Forms, 
  • Sales Module, 
  • Finding Transaction Details, 
  • Email and Print Invoices and Statements, 
  • Credits, Bad Debts and Reversals, 
  • Receipts and Part Payments, 
  • Purchases Module, 
  • Banking Module, 
  • MYOB Bank Reconciliation
  • Data File & Loan Account, 
  • MYOB Bank Reconciliation
  • Entering Transactions, 
  • MYOB Payroll
  • PAYG, Payruns, pay slips, 
  • Superannuation Guarantee and Payment Summaries.

Xero Cloud Accounting Online Training Courses

  • Introduction to navigating the Xero Accounting Software,
  • setting up the organisational settings, financial settings, invoice settings and users,
  • Chart of Accounts, account balances,
  • default invoice settings and email settings,
  • the dashboard watchlist and how to add a new contact,
  • adding multiple bank/credit card accounts and PayPal accounts to receive credit card payments and then
  • how to manage bank accounts from the Dashboard. 
  • Entering Sales Invoices and Receiving Customer Payments,
  • Entering Supplier Invoices and Entering Supplier Payments,
  • Transfering Money Between Accounts,
  • Adding New Contacts,
  • Edit existing Contacts and Coping with Duplicate Contacts,
  • Navigating the Sales Dashboard,
  • Entering Credit Note and Allocating them to invoices,
  • Emailing or Printing Invoices,
  • Entering a New Purchase Order,
  • Sending a Purchase Order,
  • Deleting Invoices,
  • Voiding Invoices,
  • Voiding Invoices when payments are applied,
  • Internal Bank Transfers,
  • Handling Overpayments,
  • Processing Contra Deals and Create a Quote in Xero.

WordPress Online Training Courses

This website is created using WordPress connected to our newsletter, social media pages and even our enrolment forms and learning management system. When you are a confident user of WordPress you could class yourself as a website designer or use it as a system to deliver Content Marketing services. These are the full range of topics included in the course outline for our WordPress Training Courses: Understanding Pages and Posts and how they are most commonly used, Administration Privileges and Settings that enable you to create the site and then allocate privileges for content creators, editors and publishers, Understand and download Themes to constantly give your website a professional Design and an exceptional range of features, Learn about Website Hosting Control Panel to setup and manage your own email address(es), Managing the content that you create for Blogs, Posts and syndication and newsletters using RSS Feeds, File Management and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to get Google authentication files on your server as well as create backups or perform bulk file transfers, Website Statistics and Google Analytics – how to get then and read them, Backing up your WordPress website, Features of Premium Themes, incorporating Social Media, Commenting and Engagement and working with and editing images

Content Marketing Training Courses

Content marketing uses key words and phrases in compelling stories, case studies, blue prints, white papers and blog posts and webpages to please the popular search engines, namely Google. Content Marketing writing includes the use of brand names, product and service names, names of competitors – depending on how confident you are of your own services and companies who use your services. Content marketing is made effective when its combined with naming images, updating meta data, the use of headings and product and page linking to enhance the relevance of your content. This course includes the mechanics of online marketing, including landing pages, calls to action, goals, linking in and out, auto responders and using LinkedIn and Facebook pages to expand your reach. Other sales tools and terminology like sales and marketing funnels, infographics, free offers, time-based offers that are used to entice prospects to take action are also covered. The goal of content marketing is to tell a compelling enough story that potential customers are willing to come along and learn more about what you do and how you do it – mostly without you having to pay for advertising to get people to your site.

Small Business Management Training Courses

Our Small Business Course is created by The Australian Small Business Centre and includes the following subjects: 

  • Originate and Develop Concepts, 
  • Business Planning, 
  • Establish Legal and Risk Management, 
  • Intellectual Property and General Law, 
  • Researching the Market, 
  • Plan Small Business Finances, 
  • Marketing Action Plan, 
  • Undertake Marketing Activities, 
  • Monitor and Manage Small Business Operations,
  • Hiring and managing team members, 
  • Report on Financial Activities, 
  • Selling Your Products and Services, 
  • Customer Service, 
  • Valuations and Capital Raising.

We even combine these courses with templates and fully completed business plans for industries like bookkeeping and content marketing.

Online Inductions and Courses for Staff Training

An online induction program allows your organisation to stay compliant with Australia’s work health and safety laws, while also ensuring a best-practice approach to health and safety for your staff and contractors. Online inductions enable you to deliver a consistent training experience for every person, rather than an experience that differs from trainer to trainer.

In these services we’ll explore:

  • Create and manage customised induction training courses using your own content,
  • Managed or unmanaged enrolment process,
  • Induct employees, contractors and visitors before they arrive onsite with a cloud-based induction programs,
  • Test inductees on their knowledge and manage their online learning in a training register.