Paul’s Plumbing P/L has been asked to go out to a customers premises and do a quote.  The steps we need to follow are:

Step 1.  Visit new customer to find out their needs.

Step 2.  Prepare a Quote

Step 3.  Once quote accepted schedule an appointment to do job

Step 4.  Invoice customers and receive payment straight away.

Paul’s Plumbing has been asked to supply and install 2 Fancy Shower Heads @ $200 each, 1 Kitchen Mixer Tap @ $100 each & 2 Basic Outdoor Taps @ $50 each.

Quote:  Look at Reece’s website where he has an account, to find and price shower heads & tap mixer.  Outdoor taps he already has in stock.

Invoice:  Before heading out to appointment change quote to an invoice and accept payment straight away through eftpos or paypal.

Arrive at appointment and complete works.  He needs to make sure the mains water is turned off at the tap before proceeding with any of these works.  He then needs to change the old shower heads and taps with the new ones.  Once the job is completed, he then needs to make sure he turns the water on at the mains again and go and try the shower heads and taps out to make sure they work correctly and that there are no leaks.