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Work from home as a Virtual Assistant

work from home business opportunitiesOur team consists of professional teleworking consultants with decades of collective experience in business and administration management, writing (content marketing), bookkeeping as well as employment and rehabilitation services. Our team are virtual assistants working from home offices so they have the experience to support you on your new journey.

People who work at home or run a business from home are part of a new breed of smart, savvy and disciplined workers who understand the win-win of using technology and staying out of traffic.

They go by many names including:

  • Teleworker,
  • Remote contractor,
  • Remote worker
  • Independent Contractor
  • Virtual Assistant

We have provided hundreds of people with services to help them find a career path that best suits them — and we can do the same for you. We can also help you stay on track as you discover all aspects of your new opportunity and provide you with the training resources and professional support you need to become financially independent operating your own business from home.

Start a Business

Start a business as a virtual assistant, remote contractor, internet worker or teleworkerThere are so many wonderful reasons to start your own business! As a snapshot, starting a business will give you the

  1. freedom to manage your time better,
  2. increase your productivity because you can work close to home and save on commuting time and costs, plus
  3. improve your self confidence as you start to take control of your earning capacity.

Plus with the internet and software in the cloud (which you can access from anywhere) it’s easier than ever to start a business from home. However, let’s not forget that you still need a plan to succeed and that means having a business plan. Read more..

Customer Service

The customer service job description is now linked very closely with the marketing messages created and implemented by the digital marketing team within most organisations. Driven by changes in digital marketing technology and the new sales and marketing funnel prospective customers spend more time researching the products and services of a business before they make contact to ask questions.

An important task for customer service agents is now to get to know the businesses website, landing pages and call to action to understand the customer journey before that potential customer makes contact.

Whereas most customer service tasks previously involved face to face or over the telephone conversations many presales and post sales activities now occur at the website chat or via SMS so it is important to know where to find information and ask the right questions of customers.

Online Sales Representative

Sales is the final step of the needs analysis that most customer go through and it is often simply a transaction online but there are times when a potential customer will want to speak with someone. Sometimes the website chat or phone call will be just so the customer knows that a real person is available and other times they’ll have a question which hasn’t clearly been answered already online.

Online sales involves pre-sales questions and often requires a welcome email and welcome call to reassure the customer that they made the right decision and that the fulfillment process has begun.

Online Customer service and online sales jobs require very good data entry skills, good researching skills to understand where to find information and how to direct customers and good knowledge of software systems that enable multiple agents to work in remote locations yet still remain in touch and aware of the customers journey and expected outcomes.

Business Mentoring

mentor for virtual assisttant, teleworkers, bookkeepersWikipedia defines business coaching as follows:  “It provides positive support, feedback and advice to an individual or group basis to improve their personal effectiveness in the business setting”. If you look at your business the same way a sports person looks at their game, you will understand that coaching and mentoring helps you create a plan, set goals and ensure you remain on track.

Our Mentors have experience in the industries that you want to enter and they’ll be there to help you get started and succeed. Read more..

Successful people use coaches to improve their performance and you can too.

Achievement coaching for virtual assistants and teleworkersAchievement Coaching

Sometimes it’s difficult to get started and keep going when you are learning something new. Achievement coaching will provide you with goals and personal support from someone who has already been through what you’re going through and provide you with focus and a clear direction to complete your training and achieve your goals.

Achievement coaching enables you to achieve things that you might not yet think you can do. Read more..

Work From Home Contracting and Business Opportunities

We work with a number of organisations who need people to grow their businesses and they want to grow them with a team of dedicated contractors. If you are interested in learning about these opportunities please read more, then apply to receive more information.

Home Based Virtual Assistant Contracting and Business Opportunities..

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