When I was first asked to create a Xero Accounting Program Workbook & Knowledge Quiz I panicked and thought “What do I know about a Workbook & Quiz let alone how to go about creating them” I said Yes anyway as you don’t ever say NO to your boss.

As I had previous experience using Xero for a client’s bookkeeping, I thought “Well you know how to use the Xero Program” so I just jumped in and gave it a go.

I found Xero to be very easy to use and time efficient and I used my knowledge and experience of Xero to create the Workbook & Knowledge Quiz.

Once I completed it I was full of pride and confidence for what I had created.  As I now have more confidence I will remember this experience in the future, and when I am asked to do something I normally wouldn’t think I can do, I will just jump straight in head first and give it a go.