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The EzyAccess suite of compliance modules are built with the healthcare and hosptial sector in mind. Our modules are focussed around specialist skills and areas within the hospital. Our modules are designed around:

Online Inductions

IM_BlueInduction is the medium you can use as evidence of your due diligence to teach sales reps, agency nurses and contractors who come to your site about the risks that may be present. Online Induction involves a process of enrolment, course completion, confirmation of knowledge of the areas of potential risk at your sites and the creation of evidence of completion of these tasks. Put simply it includes:

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Visitor Management

Visitor Management System replaces your visitor book

In it’s most basic use, EzyAccess is a visitor management system. If you just want to have an electronic/digital copy of every visitors sign in and sign out with the capacity to instantly produce a badge that they need to wear (or display) while they are onsite then you can have that solution very quickly and cheaply as part of our trial offer. When you like what you see from our basic service you can start to capture all of the compliance evidence you need to demonstrate due diligence for safety at your site.

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Contractor Pro

Contractor compliance and inductionIndividuals who come to your hospital to perform regular or adhoc work to maintain your site. These are usually building services like electrical, plumbing, air conditioning, water supply, gardening etc.

Contractor Inductions form the basis of connecting a Contractor to your Site and if you use the EzyAccess Kiosk, Contractor Pro enables you to ensure that contractors follow your processes, particularly relating to high-risk work.

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Theatre Pro

TheatrePro - vendor and sales rep credentialingOperating theatres and sterile areas are very sensitive and require special attention because they represent the biggest threat to patients and workers in these areas are exposed to blood and other body tissues and substances.

Theatre Pro gives you the power to immediately see evidence of vaccinations against Heppatitus B for Level 1 zones as well as the ability to better control when sales reps come and visit your hospital.


CarePlus- Agency Nurses CredentialingNurses deliver the care and support that patients need and CarePlus ensures that you have a record of each nurses details. Focussed around casual visitors like agency staff, locums, students, volunteers and trainee nurses, CarePlus ensures that you have a record of each visit by a care giver and their induction information.

Like all other modules CarePlus also gives you the ability to rate nurses and provide feedback, enabling you to encourage the best, most positive team at your hospital.


Doctor and VMO credentialingMedCred is designed to help hospitals and healthcare sites better manage the credentialing of their doctors and medical staff by following the credentialing process used in Australia. Our years of consulting with major hospitals has enabled us to design a system that follows the flow that Australian hospitals take when they interview, credential, review and accept an application from medical staff to work at their sites. You can now use the EzyAccess system to manage the process.

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