Digital Marketing & Online Sales


  • Digital Profile
  • Earn a passive income
  • Help others learn
  • Profit share
  • Promote your own skills & services

6 hours / 6 CPD points


Learn how to start an affiliate marketing business which you can run from home and in your own time. Affiliate marketing was championed in the dotcom era by companies which are now some of the largest in the world, including Amazon, which until this day enables ordinary people to earn money using the Internet.

You’ll be set up with an affiliate profile, understand affiliate and referral links and how to use them in low cost or free social media sites and even in advertisements at Google, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Learn how to incorporate selling products in a normal conversational style without cramming products down your friends throats.

As part of this affiliate marketing course you’ll be able to share your experiences in completing this course and help others learn what you’ve managed to learn. It’s an authentic way of reinforcing what you’re learning while you talk about it with your friends.

You’ll have an opportunity to earn over 20% of the value of a product just for telling your friends about it.

Digital Profile & Profit Share

Join our collaborative marketing system and leverage our advertising budget to get exposure for your personal brand and find clients and employers looking for someone with your professional experience to perform work remotely from home.

As a digital services market place you’ll also be able to earn a commission on courses you promote and help other students learn what you have learnt to work together and collaborate with other like minded people.