I have just finished creating a Workbook and Knowledge Quiz for the Digital Business Course offered through EzyLearn Online Training Site.
In one way I found it easy to create as I had done a couple of other workbooks previously, but also I have never had anything to do with creating a website before so I was not as confident this time.

I watched the training video’s for this course while I was making the workbook & quiz question and found them very easy to understand and to follow. In the end it made a lot of sense and I was able to completed the workbook with much more confidence than I had at the start.

I even learn a lot about phrases I hear all the time but never really knew what they meant. For example I have the word Hyperlink several hundred times but never really new what it was or how to create one. By watching the training video’s I now know exactly what they are and even how to create one.

Sounds Interesting?  Go to the following website for some more information on the Digital Business Course.

EazyLearn Digital Business Course