I had never heard of Google Doc’s before.

It was my first day of my new Virtual Assistant/Remote Contractor job and I was so keen and eager to get started.  My first task was to create a EzyLearn Xero Accounting Program Workbook  to coincide with the Video’s they had for the training.

A friend previously recommended a similar program called OpenOffice 4 which I already had on my computer so I figured I would just work with that.

I spent hours on my first Xero Module – Creating an Organisation, with steps on how to complete this module and I was using text, screenshots, bulleting, numbering etc to create this module.

I finally finished the module and my next task was to create a Knowledge Test with questions and answers to 10 question that student would complete to pass this module. I had to stop working for a short time so I saved and closed all programs and shut down my computer.  When I started my computer again and tried to get into the file I was working on it wouldn’t open and came up with this prompt “ASCII Filter Options”.  I kept on trying, as if I couldn’t get it opened I would have to repeat my hard work all over again,  but unfortunately my efforts were to no avail.  I then thought I would google the prompt “ASCII Filter Options” that came up and most of the comments made by others was your document was unrecoverable.  

My boss was very understanding and he suggested I use Google Doc’s.

Google Doc’s was very easy to use and one big feature is it constantly saving your document automatically. I will definitely keep using Google Doc’s.