I have been using the Xero Accounting Software for a couple of years now and I find it very easy to use and does certain tasks in such a way that it saves a lot of time compare to other accounting programs.

Xero seems a lot more user friendly and not as confusing as other accounting programs I have had experience with.

I love that these days most of the accounting software you can get are in the clouds which means I can be working on a particular company file from any where in the world.  For years I would be working with accounting programs that you had to load on your computer from a disk and you could only work with it on that computer.

Technology is amazing these days. I use to bury my head in the sand when new technology came along and be too scared to even try.  Since starting my new job I have been thrown in head first in all the latest technology.  I did panic at the start and my head was spinning but now I feel more comfortable with the latest technology and confident to take on any task I am asked.